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Transform Your Kitchen: Top Kitchen Renovation Tips & Trending Styles for 2024 with Old Glory Construction

Updated: Feb 27

Ready to give your kitchen a stunning makeover? This video and blog post is your ultimate guide to kitchen remodeling! Discover the latest trends, budget-friendly tips, and expert advice to transform your cooking space into a modern haven. Whether you're looking for a full renovation or a simple facelift, we've got you covered. Dive in to learn about the newest materials, color schemes, and design ideas that will elevate your kitchen in 2024. We're sharing insider tips on how to remodel your kitchen with style and efficiency. From choosing the right countertops to picking the perfect backsplash, we cover every aspect of kitchen design. Learn about the 2024 trends in cabinetry, lighting, and appliances that will make your kitchen not only beautiful but also functional. Get ready to turn your kitchen into the heart of your home with these innovative ideas.

Summary: "Old Glory Ep 5" is an episode of the Old Glory Renovations podcast, focusing on home renovations, hosted by Rob Hefner and Mike Landry. This episode specifically discusses kitchen remodels and facelifts, offering advice and trends in home renovation.

  1. Kitchen Facelifts: The hosts explore the concept of kitchen facelifts, particularly for kitchens built in the 70s, 80s, and 90s. They discuss updating dated hardware, cabinets, and other elements to give an old kitchen a new, modern look.

  2. Countertops and Backsplashes: A significant portion of the discussion centers on choosing countertops, with a focus on natural stone and other materials. They also talk about the importance of matching backsplashes that enhance the kitchen's color scheme and overall aesthetic.

  3. Lighting and Hardware Updates: The importance of lighting in the kitchen is emphasized, with suggestions like under-cabinet LED lighting and modern fixtures. Additionally, they mention updating hardware like drawer pulls and hinges to refresh the kitchen's look.

  4. Ergonomics and Storage Solutions: The episode covers ergonomic design in kitchens, including innovative storage solutions like lazy Susans and integrated spice racks. They also discuss painting and flooring options to complete the kitchen's new look.

Transcript: Old Glory Podcast Episode 5:

Old Glory Ep 5 - YouTube

(00:01) Welcome to the Old Glory Renovations podcast the podcast about home renovations from the home renovations experts hosted by Rob Hefner and Mike Landry the Old Glory Renovations podcast wants to show you how to enjoy your home renovations Rob show taught me a lot choosing the right contractor for the job doesn't have to be scary and home renovations are built to enjoy and be fun I got so much more for my money now here your host for the Old Glory renovation podcast Rob Hefner and Mike Landry hey guys thanks for tuning in to

(00:38) Old Glory Renovations podcast show we do this every week it's uh my name is Mike I'm with Rob good evening king of Contracting my buddy all right we're going to be talking about uh kitchen remodels and kitchen facelifts today so this is specifically targeted content to get you guys up to speed of what's possible and what's trending right now the first thing we're going to start off with is uh kitchen face lifts now this is the focus of taking kitchens that were built in the 70s ' 80s '90s that

(01:12) had the on-site built cabinets that had the plain doors or had some personality but you've got dated Hardware you've got a lot of things that we can do to spruce up that environment make it look brand new and and we can get it I mean you can take this all the way to to replacing and refacing your doors where this would look like a brand new kitchen that got built and installed there these are all possibilities so Rob and I are going to explore these uh component by component so you can see what's trending and what

(01:45) you should be doing if you're thinking about this this can be a little project or it can be a big one depending on all the things that you want to uh include what your budget will bear Rob this is some cool stuff you is this a hot Trend right now this really is the like you were talking about the cabinets or the kitchens from decades ago the ergonomics of them uh the usability of them the livability of that space and keep in mind the kitchen is the heartbeat of the home and that's where family happens that's where not

(02:18) just meals are cooked but everybody's in there multiple times a day and a lot of folks are looking at okay if I'm going to be in this house for a while then I want this kitchen to be a showpiece I want it to be something that makes me happy every time I walk into it well I'll tell you the the the the in all the things that have evolved in the last three decades from the tile pattern Styles the colors the the countertop options you know back then you were talking like you know uh coron was like high cotton back then right or if they

(02:51) didn't have the budget to go to coron then they were rolling the for up to backsplash right it it's uh I've seen a lot of that kind of stuff it's a lot of it is a matter of taste but the pricing on updating countertops is not as bad as it used to be the market is a little bit glutted uh with Stone Products be it granite or something like that quartz or some of the other products out there and the options for a countertop good Lord they are practically unlimited there's some stunningly beautiful stone out

(03:24) there to put on your countertops when when you replace the countertop with a natural stone and you're going with one of those thick uh you've got a uh right now the coron's uh thin right so you go to something that looks more substantial and man I'm telling you it changes the entire feel of that space and then when you follow that up with some of the sexy cool Sleek glass backsplashes Natural Stone the patterns that were available back then were so limited and and very underdone in those particular types of homes and now you

(04:01) know the world is your oyster when it comes to sex appeal design textures um and and you put Natural Stone in in a in a kitchen and it just feels so rich just a bad joke but you know I like oysters and the world is your oyster when it comes to the kitchen uh you you can do anything you want to in there but selecting that that countertop whatever Stone product it happens to be whatever product it happens to be and then matching it properly with a backsplash that doesn't just mirror the colors but accentuates

(04:41) the colors and helps it Splash more that's why they call it a back splash these are things that you can do to make substantial changes in visuals in that space so now that you've got this cool textural background with these vibrant colors that are trending right now with the this new countertop you install some of the new LED light strips for under cabinet lighting and then replace the fixtures and add some more task Lighting in there and it doesn't even feel like your house lighting matters and it matters a

(05:17) lot in the kitchen I do a lot of the cooking in our house because I love to cook it's just kind of a hobby I have under cabinet lighting was absolutely a game chamber it it's the reason I still have all my fingertips but but uh the under cabinet lighting can make such a huge difference in working in there and and creating things in the kitchen it just makes it a lot more fun to do and it's not just the under cabinet lighting there are so many options right now just changing the fixtures changing the

(05:47) location of the fixtures the it's not uncommon to see kitchens that just have four can lights in the ceiling four recess cans four recess cans and that's it or just a fluorescent box on the thing right right and and those things were stylish at the time this is not that time uh and getting the right light in the right place at the right time uh having a light hanging or not hanging maybe but at least something that is going to shine towards a sink that is going to give you the right kind of light there and the kind of light and

(06:20) the quality of light you get ties back into what we were talking about the countertops and the backsplash because those everything looks better in the right lighting back back back then I mean those little hockey puck under cabinet lights if they have them those damn things go out like every two or three months there'll be four or five of them that aren't working and you you you're tired of replacing the bulbs these things are these things work for a decade well the LED lighting which is what what I have here in my house uh the

(06:51) LED lighting just it runs forever and the cost of it is fractions of a penny and it provides so much more light the cool thing about LED lighting though is that you can with the right lighting you can play with colors on it as as well yeah there's different Hues in LED which uh that provides all kind you know what if you want to see something really interesting go down to lighting ink they have this uh ceramic uh watermelon okay yeah and um it's it's like a slice of a watermelon and it and they have

(07:28) different lights and they put it under one light the typical under cabinet light and it looks rotten okay and then they put it under the other light and it looks rich and vibrant and it's just the Hues of they're both white lights but it's the Hue and the tone of that light that has that dramatic impact it's it is absolutely amazing to see there's so many things you can do with lighting especially in a kitchen I built a semic custom home years ago and we installed a a pale blue LED lighting under the kick

(08:01) plate underneath the cabinets and it was light activated so when you turned off the light this turned on and it kept you from it you know kept all your toes in place when you're tripping into the kitchen in 1:00 in the morning to get a glass of water it just provided that it just made it feel more modern more homey and more usable it's sexy you know updated sexy man that's what we're talking about I got to admit I really like that feature and telling you right now you can buy the most expensive dress

(08:32) in the world and if you don't have some cool earrings and a necklace to go with it you're talking about the lighting that this is the turn off the lights and see how sexy it is so lighting is very important it's everything that that impacts the paint the interpretation of the paint that you see the countertops all the new jewelry jewelry you're you're installing the hardware on the on the cabinets uh it brings the flooring it brings the countertops it brings it all to life so so that is very important

(09:01) and a and a guaranteed staple that must happen even on the smallest projects so now let's talk about um like the cabinet doors right most of these doors were were basically routered on site some of them have some trim detail some of them don't but you know when you they have those little hinges you can see you know or they have those little ring those little uh uh youngdale hinges in there the little tiny ones right you close the door bam it it slams shut right so now you can if you want to go this far um

(09:36) you can there's hundreds of door styles you can reface those door cabin pull the old doors off put in new doors new new door facings refinish them and now you've got an entirely different uh cabinet style which can which you can use your existing structures with and then you're updating the hardware now the the new drawer pull and the new um hinges what what options do you have there well there's a ton of options with that now when you do when you get the right lighting you get the countertops in there and you have the

(10:13) same old tired cabinets underneath it that have all the Nicks from Raising 17 boys in the house and all that kind of stuff because that happens uh being able to reface those just with new uh with new doors themselves is not that hard to do getting soft closed hinges uh getting slider drawers and that kind of thing to come out full extension soft closed drawer Glide so you can actually get to the back of the drawer I yeah I remember being on my belly trying to get that big Skillet out from underneath while my grandmother was

(10:45) looking at me telling me to hurry it it and and but now some of the drawer designs you can just slide it all the way out and grab what you need and you don't have to crawl around like that and you can slam it shut and it's going to soft close you won't hear anything right the the soft cloes is a really cool feature uh I really like that as as far as the the Comfort level and the ergonomics of the room itself now the it improves it's kind of like going from a bicycle to a Cadillac you know how

(11:17) Cadillac's got that nice soft ride it it it just improves the the elegance and the feel when you have those when when we put those in it's not uncommon to see somebody just sitting there opening and then closing the door and watching it do that little slow Boo and then they open it again and close it again oh look that's cool uh but the open it and closing it means Jes uh means the right kind of thing there there's a lot of styles that are dated uh nowadays we're seeing a lot of flat uh flat or semif

(11:50) flat uh some curves to it not completely squar not completely round but the options on dra PES are even more extensive oh come on man back in the 80s if you had like 25 items to pick from it was a miracle and today I mean the world is opened up and dumped in the United States so we have literally so many options that it it'll get you'll get confused trying to pick one so well but there's the Styles have changed there's so much more detailed than that uh a while back it's been several months uh

(12:28) we installed your PS and the drawer pull that we installed on the uh flatware drawer was a cross knife and fork the drawer PS that were on the spice cabinet were just a little salt and pepper shaker that were designed as drawer PS and it was a really cool way to integrate the utility of the kitchen and making it look new and make it look make it look yours and cuz that's what we want out of our house we want to feel like it's ours not that somebody else designed it but that we had had our own hand in it and that it's comfortable to

(13:02) work there and and that we can be proud of it and those little details directly address all of those things Hardware again earrings necklace it's part of the jewelry it changes the entire feel of that space and it gives it that rich updated current feel now paint at paint's a must no matter what you do you got to do new paint because all the colors have changed in terms of what we like now and what they were doing back then right and the paint to match everything else you're doing in the kitchen paint to cover up you know 15

(13:39) years of toddler hand handprints on the wall and having to clean it off because any paint will lose its left there after you wash it 50 dozen times you know I raised my own kids and I have grandkids now so those kind of things you have to think about getting the right kind of paint the right quality of paint so that it can be cleaned and still wear and still maintain that luster U matters as well but the kitchen is a whole cohesive space to color the paint the backsplash the countertops the drawers and the door

(14:12) poles all come together to make it that welcoming home the heartbeat of the house you live in now one of the last big things that can be done outside of appliances right CU that's subjective depending on whether you you updated your Appliance as many people have uh is Plumbing fixtures and the sink it I tell you what I have been really surprised over the I'm not a cooker I well yeah I love to cook and the last house we were in not the one we're in now had a basically it was a metal bowl for a sink well that can be

(14:47) awkward sometimes there's dishes going there waiting but I got stuff I need to clean to cook it so two sinks two bowls in a sink is kind of a good thing and everybody's seen that but oh my goodness my Mike you should see some of the things coming out now uh just completely ergonomic designs uh everything from integrated drying racks to multiple spigots for the water to come out of depending on whether you need the high one to fill a pot uh just installing a pot filler over the stove by the way this is kind of on the side but just

(15:20) installing a pot filler over the stove depending on what kind of cooking you do can be a really cool feature and it just kind of splashes up the whole Space fillers I you know when I was designing and building you know I was 500,000 to up to 2 million in Custom Homes and that's pretty standard in the upper end homes where they're in the two to 300 $400 a foot they you always require us to put in a pot filler but they're not they're not but you don't have to have a million dollar house because we can put this in

(15:54) now simply they're not they're not prohibitively expensive to put in just an extra water line you run through the wall and a fixture and a fixture a SP it to turn on right but the the the fixtures and everything else are of course you've seen the commercials for the touchless onoff uh kitchen faucets where you just wave your hand your water turns on and all that kind of thing there's so many options now in that it's limited by not much more than your imagination that's exactly right now the

(16:27) the last thing that we'll cover with regard to Kitchen facelifts is uh improving ergonomic um storage with updated Hardware you know we can you can uh install your plates in little racks that are available now right you can put lazy Susans in dead spaces I mean there wasn't a lot of energy engineering or thought put into those big holes and sections underneath those cabinets and above as to how they were going to store stuff it's very inefficient well so today yeah when when when I'm talking to

(17:02) homeowners about cabinets about what kind of cabinets they want I don't ask what kind of cabinets how big does it need to be I ask how they're going to use it because if they're going to use it for pots and pan storage that's a specific cabinet that's designed for that if they're going to keep all their plates and cups under there that's a different cabinet that's designed for that there are uh cook uh Chef special cabinet designs to allow you to keep all of the things that you always use uh

(17:31) keep them all handy in one drawer the but they maximize the one thing is doing is maximizing the available space so you get maximum use from top to bottom not just stacking pots up awkwardly right right that that make the space unusable or it it it not efficient right it it's not just maximum use of the space but maximum accessibility to everything in there and tailoring that space phase to what you want to use it for uh integrated spice racks not the one that you screw in on the back and makes the hinges fail after a few years but

(18:09) integrated spice racks on the back of the door that are and the door's designed to hold that additional weight things like that that just make a kitchen so much more usable functional and so yeah so much more functional and so much more yours sexy functional and sexy I'm going to teach you that word if it kills me okay so the last the last elephant in the room is flooring the last what is trending in flooring well the kitchen considered a wet space so you have to have something that can handle the water when it's

(18:43) spilled on it can handle all of that kind of thing tile is the go-to standard but tile is not what we see in a lot of older homes these 12in squares white 12in squares in in my house it has white 12in squares right and every time I get a cup of coffee something drips and I get fussed at about it later on well there's so many different options now that will help keep it looking clean and still maintain uh the appearance and the feel that you want in that space they're for a while they're I'm going to tell you

(19:16) the sexiest thing that I've seen come out that is being used widely now's even by interior designers is the wood plank uh ceramic tiles the wood plank ceramic those things look great man well the beauty of those is you can carry that wood plank look and feel throughout the entire floor exactly right so so you can make it all integrated instead of the kitchen being a separate space uh you tie it into everything else with that same flooring and I I love those 3ot uh 3ft tiles the wood look tile flooring

(19:54) and the technology that makes those those have become just stunningly beautiful really awesome stuff endless ceramic tile options endless uh porcelain tile options so I mean the again just like you said the world your oyster in this particular case so with facelifts you can do as few of these items or as many of these items uh to your kitchen through this company right and uh because the guys are on staff here so you do little projects and you do big projects it just depends on the budget and you can do stage projects

(20:28) we're going to do this stage one in December and January we'll do stage two it's your choice that this company is specifically designed to cater to the customer needs now when we get back from this break we're going to be talking about uh kitchen redesign that's gutting the gutting the space starting over New Designs ripping out walls if you choose but there's no rules in this space there's no rules at all in that space and and that uh that can be very entertaining the design part of it alone

(20:59) is it's just fascinating to me hang with us we'll be right back we'll be right back with more of the Old Glory Renovations podcast Old Glory Renovations revolutionize the industry to put the customer in total control there's little to no deposit to Begin work weekly invoicing only on completed work weekly itemized labor and material cost for invoicing eliminating wasting your money with overpriced turnkey estimates their trade labor are on staff and not subcontractors they don't leave projects

(21:34) sitting dormant for days or weeks or waiting on a subcontractor they have proper general liability insurance coverage call Old Glory Renovations now and take control while maximizing your buying power Old Glory trust honesty confidence taking the fear out of Home Improvement 28546 8836 or online at at Old Glory tx.

(22:02) com the Old Glory Renovations podcast helping you enjoy your Renovations now let's get back to Rob and Mike hey guys thanks for hanging with us on the Old Glory renovation show uh we're going to be covering gutting a kitchen and redesign in the space that has all kinds of possibilities they are infinite there are many people that want to take out a wall put in a beam to open up the space to make it more open which is more common in today's design world and Rob and I are going to be talking about that

(22:38) now so uh when when when you what is the process if you're going to go in and gut the kitchen and start over what what what happens with the customer well we don't want to get too technical on it because we only have another few however many minutes we have but the first thing we do is we we talk walk in and sit down at the table and say what's your vision what do you want to see in this kitchen what do you want it to feel like a lot of the most common answers is the kitchen's closed off from

(23:07) the rest of the house I want to be able to be a part of everything that's going on in the living room even though I'm in the kitchen uh the kitchen just doesn't work it doesn't it doesn't fit it's hard to work in there's not room for more than one person at a time uh how do we make it more usable without increasing the space or how do we make it more accessible by removing walls or maybe I just want to move that wall Al together and give myself an extra you know 20 ft of cabinet well but when you open that

(23:38) when you take that wall out it it decompresses that space you can pull the fur Downs out push the cabinets all the way to the ceiling because now everything's manufactured cabinets are the way to go we're not siteb building these things uh today there's just a a huge amount of limitations and all the cool features like when you go to a car dealership and you get into the more expensive cars with the souped up radios and all the functionality you know the manufacturers of these cabinet uh these cabinet manufacturers have put millions

(24:10) and millions of dollars into engineering and providing all the cool features um that go in these cabinets to maximize ergonomic design and function and to be able to provide the finishes like a like a brand new manufactured car has got that sexy finish on it so they've provided all the textures all the colors all the capabilities from a a low-end budget to a super high-end budget you know it just depends on what your budget will bear but the key to that whole thing is trying to site build that today is just a it it it's it's not

(24:46) it's not a good idea okay it's not going to look sexy like you like you look at at the manufacturing cabinets in the showroom so the key now now are there projects that you do some site building absolutely okay because we're adding on to an existing cabinet base or something like that it may be a custom Cabinet of wall built in or something like that and they want it to look a certain way so yeah we can do that in on that space but generally when we're talking about in a kitchen and what the cabinets are the

(25:20) first question is what don't you like about this one you know what's your vision for what it needs to be and then how do you use it I have a client right now that doesn't do any cooking they really don't care about cooking so the cabinet space just isn't that important to them uh just put in boxes that's good enough but uh we worked on a home in Galveston a while back that cooking was her thing it was her passion and she spent days agonizing over which specific cabinet style to get for each one of

(25:54) those cabinets based on what she did in the kitchen and it it's no longer just a box that you put under there Define what that box is going to do for you and find one that can do that and and those options are out there now and they're just as just as beautiful uh just as wellb built as anything else there's there are cheap cabinets out there but I'm not going to install them well but you're maximize basically a cabinet is a big hole and if you if you go open the cabinet doors and and you've got older

(26:28) cabinets that were sight built you're going to see a partial shelf in there and just a big hole and you try to stack things up the best you can but they weren't designed to ergonomically accommodate all these plastic cups and plates and all these different things to maximize space you're just stacking things up and it's very inefficient and that's one thing they acknowledge so when you open your cabinet doors are uh and you look inside they're all painted Interiors right it's not sexy but it's

(26:58) it's painted when you open the new manufacturer cabinet doors there's Furniture finish Interiors you know you've got all these different uh holders of plates pots everything's stored efficiently it looks great you've got all these options now you don't have to buy those things but they're available to you there's there's a ton of stuff available for you and and that makes a full kitchen redesign always a challenge in the design f once we have the design phase set then it it comes

(27:32) down to Demolition and getting ready to go with what we have to do to put it back together there's always challenges that come up in kitchens uh for example a fur down uh just that little square up against the up against the ceiling you think it's just a fur down but a lot of times you'll find electrical in there or Plumbing in there and don't know until you open it up and see what's in it but those things a lot of those are coming out fur Downs are going away cabinets extending up to the ceiling uh upper

(28:03) cabinets obviously extending up to the ceiling you can add trim a lot of trim you add some Crown in there if you've got the the right if you have attic space above you can pop the ceiling up and add a uh a concave add a cord ceiling ceiling in there to give you more volume I mean you go to anybody's kitchen I will guarantee you if they bought the house they didn't design it for themselves they're going to have all kinds of issues I want more plugs in here I don't have enough plugs over there I don't I don't have a plug in my

(28:36) in my Island you know I want a sink in my Island I want my Island bigger I mean they're they're going to have a whole Cy of issues they want to resolve right and and I have issues I want to resolve in my kitchen exactly every for the same reason there's things there's places where I want there to be a plug but there's not because of what I do in the k kitchen and that's the thing about redesigning kitchens the only thing that may be more important as far as design goes is a master bathroom but that

(29:08) kitchen it's got to be yours and designing it in such a way that that it becomes yours that every time you walk in there and light the stove you just have to smile a little bit just because it's so cool yeah and redesigning gives you the options on updating your appliances to go from a you know a 30-in cook top to a 36 or maybe a 48 improve improve the uh you know the um Hood Aesthetics and function or or install a vent hood or the sink that we talked about earlier add a fridge that you don't have a little mini fridge for

(29:44) wines and stuff like that um you know change the location of the dishwasher because you're left-handed instead of right-handed add pull out trash cans I mean you you basically can do anything if you gut and redesigned it's going to be tailored to you like a perfect suit I I I looked at one uh last week she doesn't want a refrigerator in the kitchen instead we will be installing two drawer type refrigerators in the island that you won't even be able to see because it's it's underneath the

(30:16) island on the side that she's working from but there won't you won't see a refrigerator up against the wall like every kitchen has except this one the creativity that went into this design is just amazing well that's the difference between a reface and a complete gut and redesign is you're dealing with no rules you not have to deal with existing cabinets and and the cutouts for the existing appliances and have to buy stuff to fit in that hole you have no rules it's a totally new space tailored

(30:49) for you and that is what we call ecstasy in construction and happy customers it it is and it's fun to do I like transforming a space like that taking something that's dated a little drab maybe and turning it into something that's just a showpiece where my customers are calling their neighbors to come look that's what I want to leave and the fact that youve redesign the the the business model for this industry maximizes that customer's buying power and gives them complete control and I'm

(31:22) telling you right now your customers are elated about that once they experience it I mean when you got forens accountants hiring you to do remodeling you know your Daddy yeah yeah that that that was interesting but we could keep it all satisfied because that's what we do the you mentioned earlier uh phasing a kitchen remodel or phasing any kind of remodel well the line item bid process allows us to do that because how much is going to be for the floor well that's all I have in my budget right now so

(31:51) we'll do that I I did a eight page bid it's huge bid on a house down in Galveston two weeks ago but we're only doing two items off that bid right now the rest of them are hanging tight until has money together future projects right but it gives it gives her the there's not another remodeler that will do that it it gives her the visibility she now has a financial goal instead of hoping she has enough money she knows that she can get the next step that she wants done for this amount so she can save

(32:24) with a specific goal in mind instead of just hoping she has enough money when she wants to call next remodeler well Rob that's one that's one WP kit that one's WP I love working in kitchen kitchen facelifts and kitchen redos uh give give Old Glory uh Renovations a call today at 28546 8 8836 28154 68836 or just find them online where you can find these podcasts on their website at OG Glory tx.

(32:55) com looking forward to hearing from you all right tune in next week for our next show that's all for this week's Old Glory Renovations podcast tune in next week when Mike and Rob help you enjoy your Renovations find out more at

Old Glory Construction Management is happily serving clients in League City, Seabrook, Galveston County, South East Harris County, contact us to see if we can help you with your kitchen renovation.


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