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Bathroom Remodeling Trends with Old Glory Construction Management

Updated: Feb 27

Discover the latest Bathroom Remodeling Trends with Old Glory Construction Management! If you're considering upgrading your bathroom, you won't want to miss this in-depth exploration of the hottest trends in the industry. From luxurious spa-inspired designs to budget-friendly makeovers, we've got you covered.

  1. Bathroom Remodeling Trends: The podcast discusses current trends in bathroom remodeling, highlighting a shift from ornate designs to contemporary styles with clean lines, muted colors, oversized tiles, and large showers replacing garden tubs.

  2. Remodel Categories - Refresh, Redo, Redesign: The hosts categorize bathroom remodels into three types: 'Refresh' (updating fixtures, painting walls, resealing), 'Redo' (replacing tiles, cabinets, countertops without altering the layout), and 'Redesign' (a complete overhaul of the space, including structural changes).

  3. Common Motivations and Challenges: They explore common reasons for remodeling, such as outdated aesthetics or structural issues like leaking shower pans. Challenges in older homes, particularly concerning plumbing and structural limitations, are also discussed.

  4. Special Considerations for Accessibility: ADA-compatible designs are emphasized, especially for elderly family members or disabled individuals. This includes modifications like barn doors, lowered cabinets, and larger turnaround spaces.

  5. New Technologies and Considerations: The hosts delve into new technologies in bathroom remodeling, discussing the pros and cons of on-demand water heaters and high-volume plumbing fixtures. They caution against superficial fixes over damaged areas and emphasize proper sizing and installation.


modern bathroom remodel blog post inspired by Van Gogh
Ask Us to Create a Bathroom based on Your Favorite Artist like Van Gogh as inspired by AI Art

Full Transcript:

Old Glory Podcast Ep 2 - YouTube


(00:01) Welcome to the Old Glory Renovations podcast the podcast about home renovations from the home renovations experts hosted by Rob Hefner and Mike Landry. The Old Glory Renovations podcast wants to show you how to enjoy your home renovations. Rob show taught me a lot choosing the right contractor for the job doesn't have to be scary and home renovations are built to enjoy and be fun I got so much more for my money now your hosts for the Old Glory renovation podcast Rob Hefner and Mike Landry good morning guys it's Mike

(00:39) Landry with Old Glory Renovations uh podcast today Rob and I are going to be talking about bathroom remodeling today Rob what's happening it's just another beautiful day in this world isn't it we're going to be talking about the hottest thing in remodeling today which are bathroom redos um refreshes or total redesigns yes there's a whole lot of things you can do in a bathroom but anything you do in there kind of amps up the whole Space it amps up the whole house it just makes it a more comfortable place to be now back in the

(01:13) day uh the trend was uh you know huge Garden tubs and um there the the the tusin thing was hot at one point I mean it was it was hot for like a couple of decades yeah it was um Big Stone huge spaces all of this what's what's trending now well the garden tubs uh I call them laundry hampers because that's what happens to them most of the time the garden tubs a lot of times are coming out and getting an oversized shower in their place with benches and niches in the wall to put stuff and overhead shower heads and all that kind

(01:53) of thing a lot of the design uh pictures that I've seen online it seems to have gone from this uh tusk skin ornate um High color contrast to uh these clean lines more of a contemporary a lot of Grays and white Blends uh monochromatic feel uh right a lot a lot of gray and white but muted colors uh we don't want anything solid white but just plain gray isn't always what people are looking for we see a lot of oversized tiles where showers used to be small Tiles at most 12 in square uh now we're

(02:30) getting you know 12x 36 tiles in the shower that kind of thing bigger tiles bigger bigger product that gives you a cleaner more more aesthetic look that's inside the shower right tub surrounds and stuff um what about flooring what's trending uh there about the same thing when you walk into a bathroom you want it to feel like it's it's cohesive from a color perspective so if you're going to use a big format tile in the shower you don't want to have little ones out on the floor floor it would just look

(03:01) funny so uh carrying that same coloring pattern not complimentary colors all the way through the bathroom from the floors to the walls to the shower is what people are really looking at doing right now that's a lot of the refreshes that we get okay you bring up refreshes so there's three categories um that your company deals with and so that customer with a bathroom remodel is going to fit in one of these boxes right so refresh a redo or a redesign so let's talk about what does refresh mean well refresh over

(03:37) the years bathrooms can get a little dingy Etc so in a refresh we'll go in and repaint the walls maybe replace some light fixtures some Plumbing fixtures one of the things that we always want to do is go into the shower or the bath and clean out the old grout and make sure that the seal uh on anything that has water close to it is where where it needs to be now on a refresh we're not going to replace a tile or cabinets or all that kind of thing we're just going to take what it is and freshen it up and

(04:08) make it look new so it's kind of like getting some veneers from the dentist you're going to you're going to pimp out the light fixtures you're going to pimp out the fixtures the plumbing fixtures and you're going to pimp out uh the wall colors and that smile will be just as bright all right which brings us to the next category which would be uh a redo well in a redo we may be replacing the tile as well uh we may take out a surround in a bathtub or a shower and put new tile in there replace the

(04:39) cabinets replace the countertops but we're not changing the design of the bathroom we're just replacing the components to make them all new again and that's I would say 60% of what we do in bathrooms and we do a lot of them is a redo they don't want to completely change everything they want to completely change anything everything but they may not have the structure to do a full redesign right but they're all they're what they're wanting to do is is update um the Aesthetics and in that space right they

(05:12) want to take those flaky gold fixtures out of the way and the for mic countertop and that old tub that has hasn't been used in years and they want to they want to get that and make it look new and fresh again across the board the tile that TUS style that we were talking about earlier they want to get that out and and get that cohesive color throughout and that that comfortable feel that that you can really create in a bathroom if you take your time now that um and you know what really is interesting is what provokes

(05:47) um these opportunities or these motivations to redo these bathrooms um are uh um liner failures where they've gotten leaks now that some people have mold Behind the Walls are having issues with moving in the structures we're starting one next week you know and so and some people are just tired of looking the the stuff you know what I mean they just they want something new so there's a variety of things that provoke that but the number one failure uh in homes is is a shower pan number one and and that's the one that

(06:24) we're starting next week shower pan failed uh leaked into the wall behind it when Water started showing up on the downstairs ceiling tracked it down found out where the leak was coming from now we're having to redo the shower uh redo a lot of sheetrock uh deal with the mold if there's mold there I'm sure there is but we got to open it up before we can see okay so before we start talking about um a redesign are are there any challenges uh that you run into with specific age homes or type homes that uh

(06:59) need to be considered in terms or would limit applications for the consumer there there are uh there's always things that worry me when I go into a bathroom when I when I look in the shower and it has an acrylic shower pan Which there's nothing wrong with the acrylic shower pans but when you look around at the bottom and you see a dark line there where the grout supposed to be that worries me uh the acrylic shower pans are designed with a lip on the outside edge so they shouldn't leak shouldn't being the operative word there

(07:34) right so it always worries me what we're going to find once we get into that so keep an eye on that kind of thing and making sure that it's addressed before it gets to be a real problem all right so let's move into uh total redesign of the space now now those are always fun we we looked at one up in Baytown that one's still pending they have little kids that that became big kids and have different needs for a bathroom they come home with their grandkids now and that old bathroom just isn't working they

(08:08) wanted more storage space they wanted a shower instead of a garden tub or that one didn't have a garden tub but they wanted a shower instead of a tub uh so that one was completely redesigning everything changing closet sizes in the bedrooms adjacent to it so that we could expand the shower uh re redoing a wall so that we could make more space walking into the bathroom and and I'll get back to that in just a second but that's a complete redesign of the bathroom space itself adding more everything not just using the same shell

(08:43) and redoing it now one Trend with the tubs um that has been super popular are these claw foot tubs these freestanding oh they're beautiful AR they because they look like Furniture right yeah um I've put tons of those things in homes and you know the the uh the one thing when you're talking about redesign it typically uh is redefining that entire space so you're going to have more cabinets you're going to have more lights more switches you're going to have uh much bigger uh shower environment um you know instead of

(09:17) touching it on left and right with your elbows you know I mean you're going to have the these things like have you could literally put a party in in the in some of the size of these showers you know one did it was it was a shower that literally you could stand in it a 32-in shower pan square you could stand in it touch all four walls with your elbows that's the little ones that's what they're getting rid of yeah but there was a big shower a big U garden tub right across from it full of clothes

(09:46) yeah so we took out that garden tub we put in a great big shower with a center opening door two shower heads two benches two sets of controls inside the shower and we took that old shower capped off everything in it and they had an extra lending closet and the other thing is um a lot of the women want more closet space you know big closets uh are are super trendy with these bathroom redos I mean that's they want more closet space I mean women buy clothes like they're they're going to run out of them okay you've met my wife

(10:21) you can imagine my closet space requirements with all the all the fancy dresses she has yeah we seriously consider Ed using a bedroom for a closet exactly I'm telling you right now you give me 4ot on a wall and I'm good to go baby and uh you know but women need uh buildings for all the stuff the shoes I mean they buy those shoes for 20 or 30 or 50 bucks we pay hundreds it but you know what I have I've had customers and had friends that needed as much closet space as their as their significant others their wives did so

(11:02) really the size of the closet spaces it's is it adequate to the owner's demands to their needs let me tell you how people think okay if there is a hole it must be filled right so that's the way the brain works right if you go create a big hole it's going to get filled but it try selling a home that has little bitty tiny closets because big closets are a good thing to do and when you redesign a bathroom sometimes you can create closet space sometimes you have to take it away to get what you want but it can be a

(11:39) full redesign before we get away from redesigns Mike uh one of the things that is really popular these days uh and it's relevant to me because I'm not as young as I used to be is roll in showers something that is wheel care accessible now there's we may there's a whole different conversation about ADA Compliant and Ada compatible and all that kind of stuff but you do a lot of that that work for veterans and for PE uh people that have disabilities uh right absolutely a lot of the work I do on the veteran support side working with

(12:15) serve is widening doorways creating that 5et of turnaround space and rolling showers grab bars drop you know seats that drop down in the shower yeah it's yeah all of that yeah so uh I'm glad you brought that up because uh there is a lot of people out there are a lot of people out there that have needs for these homes to be modified for um elderly family members um disabled vets and the sad part it is is that uh a lot of these companies out there that provide remodels are not trained to do that to apply an ADA Compliant designed

(12:54) to an existing structure and I'm glad you guys are qualified to do that well well we're there's ADA Compliant means you're going to have an ADA inspector come out and sign off and say it meets all the requirements that deals with cabinet height switch height and all that kind of stuff and I know we're on a rabbit Trail here talking about bathrooms today no no no that that's okay but what I'm saying is that that that compliance issue is only uh relevant in commercial spaces for the

(13:21) sign off but you're using the same design standards the same design that are applied in those in those environments right but I don't want a lawyer coming back to me I I use the term Ada compatible okay well that that's that's a better term Ada compatible means you can get in and out easily everything from barn doors so that you don't have to open a door into a hallway uh creating a 5-ft turnaround space uh lowering the cabinets all that kind of stuff we've done we've done a lot of that and actually I actually kind

(13:50) of like those jobs makes you feel like you're really doing something making a difference in somebody's life when you walk out of that and they can actually go into the bathroom without having to have help getting around the door well I'll tell you one thing the this is probably one of the most popular remodel projects for women they love redoing bathrooms and getting and and reclaiming new closet space so this is uh definitely on the sexy list for women uh so we're going to run out to a quick uh

(14:19) break and if you guys want to give Old Glory Renovations a call call them right now at 28154 68836 28 546 8836 you can find them online at Old Glory stay with us we'll be right back with more of the Old Glory Renovations podcast Old Glory Renovations revolutionize the industry to put the customer in total control there's little to no deposit to Begin work weekly invoicing only on completed work weekly itemized labor and material cost for invoicing eliminating wasting your money with overpriced TurnKey estimates their

(15:02) trade labor are on staff and not subcontractors they don't leave projects sitting dormant for days or weeks or waiting on a subcontractor they have proper general liability insurance coverage call Old Glory Renovations now and take control while maximizing your buying power Old Glory trust honesty confidence taking the fear out of Home Improvement 28154 688 36 or online at Old Glory tx.

(15:34) com the Old Glory Renovations podcast helping you enjoy your Renovations now let's get back to Rob and Mike thanks for hanging with us guys it's uh Old Glory Renovations podcast hope you guys are getting some good information here what we're going to cover now is new technologies and bad ideas there's plenty of those out there oh I get so okay so Rob let me let me ask you a question new technologies um these are things that you're going to need to consider that are part of um could be part of these bathroom remodels

(16:11) you know there's a there's a technology that I I can't stand applications that um put a cap over ugly and damaged okay you know the AC acrylic surface we're going to redo your bathroom and one day well the the problem with that is you can redo the bathroom and make it look beautiful but you're not addressing the problems that are already in there the water that's already in the wall the leaks that are already in there the the stuff that is growing around that bathroom so those are a you can get that

(16:50) done in a day and then you know 3 to 5 years down the road I'll get a call from you for a redo okay so these cat caps that they pop in there and they come in and do a form a model form that that that drops in and caps the tub right um and then the wall it's continuous thing makes it look like a like a trailer house okay it's it's not pretty it's it's renewed uh gives a a visual renewed uh fresh look but it looks like a trailer house you know I've lived in a trailer house before that's not always a

(17:28) bad thing but you don't want that look in a $500,000 home that's for sure and you don't want to enclose damaged materials there might be water M that has built up and behind the wall structure and if that that water continues to saturate those those studs it will erode those studs to the point where they need to be replaced that's your structural support right and and that's what worries me about caps and that kind of stuff quick fixes generally aren't quick in the long run all right um

(17:59) electric uh on demand water heaters let's let's talk about this technology um you know there the the I know you're a proponent and Advocate yes I am it's a it's a popular technology and it has been out there for the last 15 years it's become more of the norm in new construction um but when you're talking about a retrofit you're you don't have you you can't design the house to support the technology so there's things that need to be considered as to whether that's a a a a reasonable good upgrade

(18:33) for your application well when we we were talking about bathrooms and claw foot tubs that take an awful lot of hot water and showers and multiple bathrooms in the same house and you need a lot of hot water so one way that I've used a ond demand water heater before is to service a specific area so that it because it provides all the hot water you want it's going to take just as long to travel through the pipes as it does from a conventional hot water heater it's not on demand immediate it's not

(19:04) instant but it's on it's it's in perpetuity once it gets there right right so if you have something that is just going to consume a whole lot of hot water adding in a a on demand water heater I've seen it work very very well but they have to be sized properly they have to be placed properly and the electric ones I'm not 100% a fan of if you put in a gas one though they burn a lot of gas so you have to consider the possibility of having to resize pipes and that kind of stuff it's not as simple as just let's

(19:41) put this one in and take out the old one yeah just take out the water heater and pop me in a tankla so um and you brought up a good point so the the the um the gas units are efficient but they require a lot of gas and what happens is is that um you've got a half typically you have a half uh half inch uh gas line coming in feeding your gas you know your fireplace and and if you've got that in the kitchen right but if you bring in if you if you upgrade to a ond demand gas water heater you're going to have to

(20:15) upgrade the main the main supply line coming into the house to 3/4 because it it it does require a lot more volume um although it's not expensive to operate it's very efficient but it requires a bigger pipe to to deliver that gas so um if if you're not willing to do that to get that massive amount of of of hot water endless hot water the backup to that is to add um you know put in two water heaters in Tandem and you should be satisfied with that two water heaters in tandem the on demand variety what what it does and why I like

(20:56) doing that on new construction is because it provides almost instantaneous we we did a remodel while back where we put in a on demand hot water heater in between two bathrooms and it serviced only those two bathrooms but those two bathrooms it it got hot right now before the water hit the bottom of the tub it was already getting warm because the run of the pipe was short enough that it it didn't have a lot of cold water to push out of the way so in an instance like that absolutely it's not a terrible idea but then you're

(21:33) getting into not repiping the entire home but at least having to repipe some of it right and and the the the sex appeal for these new Plumbing fixtures um and and and the designs they're usually putting two shower heads in the shower um some body jets in some cases um you know they're just higher volume fixtures that need more water right right rain heads take a whole lot of water they're awesome the the coolest one ever built this is this is cool Mikel like this had a rain head shower had a conventional shower head

(22:10) with a a wand on a slider had four body Jets on the walls around it and it had tow Jets down at the bottom right in front of the shower but that thing had almost had to have a dedicated water line for it because it consumed so much water in oper ation now you could darn near drown a fish when everything was turned on but it was cool I'm I'm going to tell you as far as the rain head goes okay which I had in the center center of the of my I remodeled my bathroom and and uh built a shower in and I did one of those rain heads that

(22:47) is the coolest experience you will ever have in a shower I'm telling you right now it just it just like flows over your entire body it's it's it's amazing I I love them but they consume a lot of water well that's what's going over your body I I'm sorry I didn't want a stream I wanted I wanted a waterfall well but from a remodeler perspective you say you want a a showerhead waterfall I'm looking at pipe sizes and I'm worried about uh supply lines and I'm worried about all that stuff in the wall that

(23:21) most home owners don't know don't care about they just want a shower head but I have to consider all of the things that go into getting enough water and the right quantity and the right temperature to that showerhead in a timely manner Rob yeah that's your problem okay here's what I want make it work okay so we're going to wrap it up today good luck with you uh in your new bathroom remodel hopefully we've given you some information that will help you kind of think out and plan and figure out what

(23:55) you want to do uh if you have questions you'd like somebody to come out and give you you an estimate from Old Glory Renovations you can call them at 28546 8836 28546 8836 or just go online to Old Glory TX that's Texas Rob it's a wonderful day I'm looking forward to getting to work and uh hopefully we can do a few more bathrooms those are kind of fun is that the phone ringing yeah I believe it is that's all for this week's old Glory Renovations podcast tune in next week when Mike and Rob help you enjoy your

(24:36) Renovations find out more at


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