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Old Glory Construction Management

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What We Value

Our ethos is ethical and transparent pricing with quality work. There are steps and processes to ensure we maintain that standard.

  1. We provide an estimated cost for the project up front, with a strong reminder that material and labor costs are not fixed; the client must understand that pricing and requirement changes will affect the total cost. From a pure business perspective, we simply transfer risk to the client in return for a lower price.

  2. We avoid percent draws based on estimated total cost; instead, we work with each client to establish a working capital fund and request funding weekly or bi-weekly to maintain that fund.

  3. Every funding request comes with labor time sheets and a cost-to-date summary, along with copies of all receipts.

  4. We provide updates weekly on job progress.

  5. We will only accept the job if we are 100% sure we can provide the client's needs.

  6. Every client will know where every penny paid to Old Glory was applied.


Providing a draw to the contractor is the industry standard. We avoid that to maintain that ethical and transparent pricing concept. A contractor working on draws must be prepared to accommodate pricing and project changes, so a percent is normally added before presentation to the client. This means the contractor is incentivized to estimate high, pay low, and generate additional profit from the difference. We don’t want to do that. There is enough margin to go around if we share risk. At the end of the project, our clients will know where every dollar spent is applied. 

Goals: No one achieves great things without first dreaming of great things.

Our Story

Old Glory Construction Management (OGCM) was formed in December 2022 to provide consulting and support to all things residential. Frustration with seeing homeowners and investors cheated was the true genesis; ethical and transparent pricing and quality work is our ethos.

Today, the leadership team has over 20 years of experience with new home construction and over 30 with remodeling. We actively support our community through involvement with Rotary and with various Veteran support non-profits in the area. We want to be successful, and we want to make our community better in the process.

OGCM is organized into five vertical silos:

  1. Old Glory Renovations – actively working in the Clear Lake area.

  2. Old Glory Home Services -  developing a capability to provide all ancillary support for homeowners, from window tinting and lawn care to routine annual maintenance. The core will be annual contracts that include AC, Electrical, and plumbing inspections, routine maintenance, and a menu of available options such as lawn care, pool care, Christmas lights, etc.

  3. Old Glory Residential Consulting on construction-related activities. Geared more towards giving clients the confidence they are getting what they pay for and connecting homeowners to the right provider if OGCM cannot support, we also will consult in the decision-making process in hiring for residential work or provide professional oversight of ongoing work. 

  4. Old Glory Custom Homes. We provide full service from permits to final occupancy to support the investor or home builder in completing their project.

  5. Old Glory Commercial build-outs. We do anything for commercial projects except put up exterior walls. 

Email:  or  call:  281-546-8836

Old Glory Construction Management, founded on fair and transparent pricing for quality work, will revolutionize new home and renovation markets by relentlessly focusing on ethics over all other considerations.

Our Mission: Old Glory Construction Management is relentlessly focused on ethical, transparent pricing, ensuring our customers have a good experience with their projects. 

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