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Old Glory Process

Updated: Feb 27


- Old Glory Construction Management offers services related to contractors and renovations.

- The main concerns addressed are too much upfront payment, communication, and tracking expenses.

- They request upfront payment only if material costs exceed $2,000.

- They emphasize good communication, with a designated job lead and regular customer outreach.

- They use a line item bid process to provide detailed cost breakdowns for each component of a project.

- Invoices are sent every Thursday, detailing labor, material, and management expenses.

- They aim to address customer concerns and emphasize their commitment to quality work.

Bullet Points:

- 💰 Upfront payment only required if material costs exceed $2,000.

- 🗣️ Emphasis on clear communication with a designated job lead and regular customer outreach.

- 📊 Detailed cost breakdown using a line item bid process.

- 🧾 Invoices sent every Thursday, providing a breakdown of expenses.

- 🔨 Commitment to quality work and addressing customer concerns.

Old Glory Process - YouTube

Transcript of Old Glory Process:



(00:00) Hello again this is Rob Heffner with Old Glory construction management you may have seen some of the stuff we've put out before on video about how to negotiate with contractors and that kind of thing well this time it's a little different I want to tell you why you should choose Old Glory when people talk about contractors and all the horror stories that we've all heard it comes down to three things too much money up front communication and not knowing where your money went to Let's address those one at

(00:33) a time the first one is too much money up front the only time that we will request in advance before we start work is if the material cost to get started exceeds two thousand dollars most jobs start with demolition and we don't request mine to pay for that up front we bill every Thursday the second thing is communication communication is hard on a good day what we assign a job lead to be on your site every day until the job is complete if he's not there you better know before he doesn't show up that morning in

(01:14) addition to that we have a wonderful young lady named Fawn who works with us whose job is to reach out to our customers every week from the first time you call us until the job is complete and you've signed it off and you're happy she will reach out to you every week just to make sure things are going the way you want them to the third thing is wondering where your many money went to well that has to deal with our line item bid process let me show you what that looks like so this is what our estimate our bid

(01:48) summary looks like you can see all the information up top what we charge per hour the markup what I actually make and the taxes and down here the different components of this bathroom remodel are all listed separately what that does is it allows you to look at it and say oh I don't want to pay that much for flooring maybe we can just delete that one and leave the current flooring and still have a very good idea of what that might cost you now each one of these has its own tab that shows all the details that go into

(02:22) it on this one this is just for reinstall tub and three-piece around the number of Labor man hours the equipment that we have to buy for it this one I just made up real quickly so it's not completely detailed but in a bid you get from us it will be detailed enough to show you everything that's going on with it now as I said earlier we invoice every Thursday let me show you what that invoice looks like for our week one expenses the demo is complete we spent 40 hours this week total labor cost is 2200 and we've gone

(03:03) to these stores to buy material every invoice is listed here showing how much we spent and what it was for it all totals up to include the management fee applied to it for a total invoiced amount of that right there now if the project is big enough to take more than one week you may see a cost summary as well that shows for each week how much was spent and total cost material Labor Management and how much we asked for how much we invoiced this allows you at the end of the job to see specifically how much was

(03:44) spent in each category and what you spend on your project overall here at Old Glory construction we believe that we have designed and structured ourselves in such a way as to directly address the main concerns that most of our customers have about renovations of course we do quality work everybody is going to say they do quality work let us show you what we can do if you have any questions or if there's anything you might want to bid on anything we can help you with give us a call we'd love to hear from you

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