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Elevate Your Home's Curb Appeal: Renovation Secrets from Old Glory Construction Management Podcast Episode 4

Updated: Feb 27

The "Old Glory Renovations" podcast episode 4, hosted by Rob Hefner and Mike Landry, delves into various aspects of home renovations. They discuss the value and enjoyment of home improvements, emphasizing the importance of selecting the right contractor. Topics include exterior improvements like patio extensions, updating house aesthetics, and necessary repairs. They address common issues like leaks, ventilation improvements, and updates to maintain a house's character and functionality. The hosts also explore cost-effective renovation strategies and the importance of routine maintenance to prevent deterioration.

Dive into the heart of home renovation with Episode 4 of our series, 'Old Glory'. Witness how we blend historical charm with modern innovation, transforming old spaces into breathtaking homes. Don't miss the unique challenges and creative solutions in this episode!

Summary: Hosted by Rob Hefner and Mike Landry, this podcast focuses on various aspects of home renovations, aiming to educate listeners on enjoying and maximizing the value of their home improvement projects. Episode 4 of the podcast discusses exterior improvements, updates, room additions, and necessary repairs. It emphasizes that these renovations can enhance a home's functionality and aesthetics.

  1. Renovation Ideas and Motivations: The hosts discuss various renovation projects such as patio extensions, updating paint and siding, improving ventilation, and adding features like carports and decks. They highlight that renovations often start with fixing a small issue and can lead to more extensive updates.

  2. Practical Tips and Insight: The episode provides practical advice on home renovation, including the importance of maintenance and choosing the right materials. For instance, it discusses custom-made brackets for structural support and replacing outdated siding for better durability and appearance.

  3. Customer-Centric Approach: Old Glory Renovations emphasizes a customer-focused business model, with minimal initial deposits, weekly invoicing based on completed work, and detailed itemization of labor and material costs.

Transcript: Old Glory Ep 4 - YouTube

Welcome to the Old Glory Renovations podcast the podcast about home renovations from the home renovations experts hosted by Rob Hefner and Mike Landry the Old Glory Renovations podcast wants to show you how to enjoy your home renovations Rob show taught me a lot choosing the right contractor for the job doesn't have to be scary and home renovations are built to enjoy and be fun I got so much more for my money now your host for the Old Glory renovation podcast Rob Hefner and Mike Landry hey guys welcome back to another


podcast of Old Glory Renovations today we're going to be talking about exterior improvements updates room additions and needed repairs a lot of people don't like dealing with that stuff but I'm telling you when you hear what we got to say you're probably going to pick up the phone and make a phone call I'm your host Mike Landry I'm talking to Rob Hefner he's the king of remodeling I'm I am right here what's happening Brother we're having a beautiful day today got a lot of work going on looking for more


like always I know you have a huge bottle of Ip Bren sitting on your table I it's half empty at this point I don't miss it baby I don't miss it I'm just going to tell you um okay so if you guys want to find some of these projects online you can go check it out at Old Glory tx.


com or you can check out our podcast which we're doing weekly now and we cover different subjects every week so um you know the topics are what really looking for what are you interested in the first one the first show you need to listen to so you can understand why why Old Glory Renovations is the dominating remodeler in Houston um because of the value that the customers derive but then go find the topic that relates to what you're trying to do whether it's a kitchen remodel a bath remodel repairs maintenance um it it's it's it it it will help you


understand your challenge and understand how you can prepare for this and ask the right questions when they're out on site giving you their estimates all right so Rob let's get into uh exterior improvements now we've got several different categories we're going to cover but um you know a lot of people are wanting to do updates to improve uh the function of the home by needing more space or they're wanting to update by doing uh patio extensions improving the Aesthetics of the outside of the


building um repainting just to update the look change ing or replacing uh fascia and sofits for improved ventilation um replacing style the siding style so that they can get up to- dat and current um adding a carport extending the patio uh extending the decks uh you do a lot of decks around here it's amazing yeah yeah we St busy with that kind of thing I I kind of like those you know it's a light framing job they're fun to put together and there's a lot of interesting materials to use on them well you're out there you know


fighting the wars you're talking to these people uh when it comes to these exterior improvements what are some of the motivations for them to make these Investments well a lot of times it starts with something that they noticed going wrong uh a leak at a window or a door that's not performing correctly on the outside of the house and when they start looking around they find other things that they want to get done step back and look at the house it's your Castle do you feel like do you feel proud does it make you smile every night


to drive into the driveway if it doesn't you can fix things on the outside of it just minor update some of it but uh paint uh trim that kind of thing on the exterior of the home can really make the house feel more like yours so that like I say when you pull into that driveway seeing that house just kind of makes you smile well and you know one of the things we're going to talk about later is is repair needs right these are just things that have to be done to keep the house from falling apart and you you you're on a project


right now you finished up tomorrow where uh the couple has one of those uh exposed um uh carports right right and it's got like eight uh wood supports that were actually installed in the concrete when they poured it which rotted them out well it it's 8 4x6 supports under a two-car carport and it's a nice carport it's well placed and everything like that but when they ran the 4X sixes through the concrete it just forced all that moisture to stay pressed right up against the wood and predictably it rotted out now now if I


if it was me back when I was remodeling I'd have replaced all the supports okay and then I would have I would have done what you did because you have to deal with the hole in the concrete because you're not going to stick the wood back in the Hole uh and build these brackets to attach those post to the foundation and um but what you did is is amazing because you were you when you inspected the actual supports the only thing that was damaged was what was underground the the rot in the woods didn't extend more than a couple of


inches up above ground but it was definitely rotted underneath so when we first looked at it our thought was okay we need to replace all these 4X sixes well there was uh a sofit uh up above and we would it it would have been a very expensive job to do because of Windstorm requirements and all that stuff that nobody wants to know about that goes into it so we looked at a way to save the customer some money and still get the job done right and I think we came up with a really really elegant solution well I'll I'll bet you that's


what's been preventing them um from actually moving forward because again if it was back in the day I would have looked at removing all the fascia the sofit reattachments changing the supports making brackets which would have been a $122,000 job what did you what did you end up getting uh doing that job for well let me tell you what we did first we took those posts that were still in good shape like I say up in the air where they didn't have water held against them all the time they're still in good shape we cut them off at 6


in and we took a metal bracket that fit underneath that post well you made you made the brackets were made custom absolutely okay absolutely and they were substantial they are substantial those things weigh 25 lbs a piece but you know what it was like quarter in plate steel I they're going to be there forever though yeah uh and we took those brackets cut off the bottom slid the new bracket underneath and bolted it down and bolted it to the 2x6 and stepped away from that one it's it's a really cool solution to it that ended up being


a quarter of the cost of what it would have been otherwise if that structural support would have been installed the way it should have been installed on top of the concrete it wouldn't be rotted right now well there there's a lot of cool little support structures that fit when you're looking at a piece of wood especially Pine that's sitting down against the concrete it's going to deteriorate pretty quickly so there's uh brackets that fit underneath it to keep it elevated and out of the water and


they're they're metal brackets that that strap onto the side of it yeah they're to hold everything together and keep it where it needs to be and down Simpson who makes it and if an engineer would have drawn that up or they would have followed the plans the engineer would have required that Simpson tie to be on top of the concrete and attached but that's not what happened and that's what happens all the time when you go back and you look at a house that's been out there Aging for 15 years and it's got


all this uh deterioration and damage on materials that are supposed to last you know 50 years it's bad construction practices construction practices change over time there's a reason a lot of the houses we're building today are going to last a lot longer yes the people will say somebody out there is thinking oh the materials aren't as good as they used to be that not true the processes are much better than they used to be code requires so much that it never did before uh we're building some good


quality structures these days a lot of the construction failure um litigation is because the painter put two coats of paint instead of one or used the second coat paint as a primer and the and the materials were breached you know like uh Hardy plank you know the they were using nail guns and and and the head goes into the fibers which reduces the strength of that connection by 50% and it voids the warranty on all those materials it's like all of this stuff is installation dependent to perform and each application relies on


the other it and and that's the thing the house is a single entity so if it fails in one area a failure is pending elsewhere if you see water at a window for example there's going to be a problem somewhere else around that window it nothing works in isolation a lot of the problems that homes have deal with ventilation both through the walls and through the attic now there's a lot of people wanting to um um they did not like their electric bills this summer I was one of them oh my God it's horrific


uh and electric prices are going up so a lot of these homes still have the little 12in vents every foot uh the old style way and what people are doing now to try to get more ventilation in that addict is they're replacing their fascia and sofits um with continuous perforations so that there's Vining every square inch of the entire uh linear footage which lets more air up into the attic reducing that heat load a house has to breathe that we're not talking a breeze blowing through the attic but there should be a


constant supply of fresh air and when when we're talking about sof it when you step out of the house and look up at where the roof overhangs the very top that horizontal piece up there that's the sopit and if there's no holes in it you're not getting ventilation through there right and that lack of ventilation will cost you on your electric bill it'll cost you in a lot of other ways well and it's always you're the the the cooling portion of your mechanical system is in your attic okay so when


you're trying to create the cool air to push it into the house to reduce the heat load so you're comfortable you're producing it in in a desert you're you're it's a it's a it's 100° outside and it's 130 in your attic okay you're asking it to do an impossible job and if you've got an older system it's going to be challenged to overcome that heat load so by imp by having your fascia and your softfit replaced you can update the ventilation you can improve the look there's a lot


of houses out there where the production homes production Builders took a piece of siding that's about 38 of an inch thick and use that as the fascia instead of a quarter you know an inch and a quarter um or 3/4 inch you know Hardy I I have or LP yeah I I definitely see that but it's it it's interesting how changing small things on a house can change the whole attitude of the home replacing the sopit replacing the fascia uh repainting just that area can make the whole house look a new make it look completely


different we talked last week about changing the door knobs and the impact that you don't really notice but it just looks cleaner and better and newer and fresher the same kind of thing can be done on the outside well and the sighting you know the the if you're in a 30 40-year-old house that sighting um is going to be dated right you might have the old ASB besta sighting which has a specific personality and style um you might have uh what was the T1 right you know the Press board stuff um which had a person they they like the


wood look so they got something that was uh engineered versus a natural wood the the vertical lines versus the horizontal lines uh the lap siding which is most common used today uh generally something like Hardy plank just overlapping at every step uh those changing between those two changes the entire character of the home and the old T1 11 siding you're talking about I can't tell you how much of that we've had to replac matter of fact we're hopefully starting a job next week just depending on their


vacation schedule a lot of the wood seals I mean most people do not maintain the paint uh on on a scheduled time frame so your window seals your door trim uh a lot of that stuff starts decaying and rotting it won't hold paint it'll be chipped and that just Accel accelerates the degradation if you don't do any do something about it resealing and recocking um periodically is a real important thing you want to keep the water out because the water will tear everything apart including concrete so the key to these


improvements is to update the style update the feel get new pain on it give it an updated look more contemporary makes you feel good about your house and it keeps it together for decades well if you have to spend the money to do repairs take the time to do something to change the appearance of the whole house to make it look better than than it did before sure the paint color helps but nothing is going to last forever and painting bad wood painting bad design it's still bad design people people need more space now so they're extending


they're either doing a room Edition for a mother-in-law Suite with a bathroom and a master bath or they're extending their master bath so they can get more room and create a more uh inviting space with maybe a bigger tub or a bigger shower bigger show are super trending right now um the you know there's even uh homes that have uh kind of low ceilings where they're taking areas and they can Vault those seing ceilings up even a couple of feet with a coford ceiling or something gives it so much


more personality and it's really not that expensive to do but man it makes a huge difference and all of the production homes only having one ceiling fan and four recess cans adding some lights in there to give it more personality and more more brightness uh is is a very popular thing to do on big remodel projects and these are simple things you can do for small remodel projects because you actually take small remodel projects well I actually do and and those kind of things are they're not hard to do uh like you say vaulting up a


ceiling just when you walk through a door that is 6' 8 in tall into a room with an 8ft ceiling if you're 6'4 it might feel feel a little snug but if you can bump that door up bump that ceiling up the entire space feels so much larger even though you only changed it in one dimension it's really odd how much more of space you how much larger the space feels with proper lighting okay so let's move to um room additions so we're doing exterior improvements we're doing updates room additions and


needer repair so with room additions you know like we were talking about people are adding a new bath um or extending a bedroom or adding a bedroom um or just extending the existing master bath to give them more space more volume to add uh more closet space because women always need that uh and a bigger shower there's we've seen a lot of master bedroom extensions in other words they have a master bedroom that might be 13 by 15 or something like that and they just want to create some more space in there so


going through the process of just bumping out a wall four feet uh we did one of those and of course everything that goes along with it those are are relatively inexpensive ways to increase a square footage of your house for one but make the space inside of it that much more livable and that much more yours okay let's talk about uh needed repairs okay this is something that damn near every house that's over 5 to seven years old needs some attention on something so what are the most common things that you're running into with


that well we're just going to stay outside on this one uh caulking being deteriorated around windows or anywhere else there's caulking that is always something that we see it's not always an immediate issue but it is something that needs to be be addressed and generally that's done when the house is repainted repainting every seven years or so five to seven years when you when you get around some of the older homes from the 50s and 60s uh the trimmers on the corners of the house look at the back


corners of your home where that siding is enclosed with those two pieces of material now look down at the bottom of it and see how much of that is just eaten away and rotten off those are the kind of things that we do a lot of when you look along the side of your home where the weed eater normally runs and look at the damage it's done to that bottom board well that little bit of damage doesn't look like much but it's allowing moisture to Wick up into that whole thing and eventually it's going to


cause the whole thing to rot so those kinds of repairs are what we do a lot of look at a back door um if a back door is exposed in other words there's no overhang on top of it a lot of times you'll see deterioration of the sill keeping water out against the floor and the door jam itself the frame that the door rests in will begin to deteriorate at the bottom on either side and there's ways to fix that without replacing the entire door okay now here squirrel damage now let me tell you squirrels and possums and all


these little cool things they love heat and when it gets cold guess where they want to be they want to be in Daddy's Hotel up in the attic no that's in my that's in my chimney right now because I got a squirrel problem on top of my house that I'm trying to break away long enough that I can get fixed exactly but you know what that that add is nice and toasty and warm because you want to stay warm and they're going to eat through the metal they're going to eat through the siding they're going to eat through


anything except brick that I've seen and they're going to find a way in or some neglected vent that you've left some lers off of or something I guarantee you they'll be able to walk on water to get in there they they do find creative ways to get up into the attic and the Damage that squirrels do is not necessarily as much inside the attic it's in how they get in because if they can get in water can too and it just there there's a lot of those kind of problems like I say I have to be aggressive with the one on my


house I was in a customer's house this morning we were checking on the furnace and why it wasn't heating just checking the pilot light a squirrel jumped out from behind it and ran across the attic and disappeared that's not good Senor that's not that's not good but it sure happens that's for sure they say you know what this is a good place to have babies nice conditioned air environment with a nice soft bed to lay on this is perfect nice soft insulation to get on don't have to go anywhere to go to the bathroom just


dump right here it's all good it's all good nice and healthy healthy living environment yeah but with fixing those those patches and repairs and making sure they're not now we're not exterminators we're not going to get rid of them but we can sure repair the damage they've done right so um repairing fion it sighing um you know those this is the thing if you've never seen these things um I had a one of my one of my framer Corners guys uh he and I had an argument one day and this was


20 years ago you argued with a framer yeah yeah it was was it was fruitless because he was right so anyway this is when I was uh probably five years in the ground up construction and uh this framer got he he he decided he wanted to argue with me one day day and we were talking about Hardy Plank and um I said this stuff is indestructible indestructible it's concrete he goes Mike how long have I been framing houses and putting corners on them let me tell you something 27 years okay uh let me get you nipple so we can have a conversation


okay yeah and he said I'm going to prove something to you right now and I'm not going to have to say a word give me that bucket over there took a five gallon bucket filled it up with water he took a a inch and a quarter uh thick one of the thickest yeah the thickest hearty trim that goes on fascia yeah and he took and cut about a 3- foot piece off and he threw it in the water and I said see it ain't coming apart he said wait a minute son come back in a couple of weeks now I tell you what you come back in a week


now you're going to be here here on the job site but don't mess with this just wait 7 days and let's come and powow and you don't want to put any money on it because I don't want to take from you it was disintegrated now disintegrated now anything pretty much any product that you're putting on a house I was shocked I I I wouldn't be almost any product that you're putting on a house that's not properly protected from the elements that's going to happen yeah but you know


if if he had properly primed that and painted it and put it in there it'd still be there today okay so that's true and Hardy I think uh like 10 years ago maybe 10 or 12 years ago they stopped offering unprimed materials they wouldn't even sell them anymore right because because of that kind of improper application of paint absolutely installing it not according to their specification so that that's one of the things that kind of slows down the degradation but back installation is going to fail all the


time right yes it will so anyway um a lot of the other things like the older older homes where you got the window seals that are rotting and the paints dilapidating the trim boards that trim the windows and trim the doors those need to be updated and um and painted if you want them to last because the the damage is going to migrate into the structure eventually it it does it it always does and and the thing is an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure okay I would rather for my house especially I would rather pay the money


to get it done now and get it taken care of I'd rather spend $10 today then 400 later that bay window we were talking about yeah well just the bay window alone was right at $2,000 it could have been prevented two years ago with a a $139 tube of caulk exactly and it's really hard to get across to homeowners um you know redoing chimney uh caps um replacing door seals things that get that go out because water's splashing up against it all the time but these are these are the needed repairs that people need to go and and take care


of now while they've got time make the house look best for the holidays repaint the exterior give it a new you know give it a new paint job you're talking like three or four or five days and and and man your house is going to look brand new well it's true and it it can all come together pretty quickly but these that routine maintenance on a house everything requires maintenance goodness if you don't brush your teeth they're going to fall out so everything requires maintenance in some way and and


keeping up with that maintenance and understanding what it is is so important to homeowners to wrap their head around sure but you're you're the only company that's a professional Remodeling Company with a staff of guys that are on staff and work for you every day they're not trades um that this is the kind of stuff that keeps them busy in between projects and um you've got a whole team that are dedicated to just doing maintenance and repairs for people uh that are you know $2,000 fixes and $5,000 fixes and the


you fixed it a guy's entire carport that I guarantee he was getting bids for 12 to $1,500 $115,000 $12,000 to $15,000 to fix it and repair it not even replace it and you fixed and solve their problem with a beautiful result for 3500 bucks they had to be ecstatic over that absolutely thrilled with it I got to get those pictures up on Facebook and stuff because it really is just an elegant solution to a common problem all right you guys take this opportunity spend a little bit of money fix the things that are nuisance IED items to you and and


detractions from the aesthetic presentation of your home and and allow the systems to work but spend a little money now or you're going to spend a ton later stay stay with us we'll be right back with more of the Old Glory Renovations podcast Old Glory Renovations revolutionize the industry to put the customer in total control there's little to no deposit to Begin work weekly invoicing only on completed work weekly itemized labor and material cost for invoicing eliminating wasting your money with overpriced TurnKey estimates their


trade labor are on staff and not subcontractors they don't leave projects sitting dormant for days or weeks or waiting on a subcontractor they have proper general liability insurance coverage call Old Glory Renovations now and take control while maximizing your buying power Old Glory trust honesty conf confidence taking the fear out of Home Improvement 28154 68836 or online at Old Glory tx.


com the Old Glory Renovations podcast helping you enjoy your Renovations now let's get back to Rob and Mike hey guys thanks for sticking with us it's Old Glory Renovations podcast you can hear us every week covering different subjects that benefit you and things that you can take advantage of you can find us at 28546 8836 28154 68836 or go online to ol Glory tx.


com Rob let's talk about some of the projects let's let's go over a couple projects you got going right now let's talk about Melinda in perland her her Project's 19,500 tell me about Melinda well Melinda's one when I mentioned earlier you see a problem and then you start looking and you find other things things and time all together this started at as a stain on the sheetrock underneath the big bay window uh she felt it it was a little bit damp realized it was a leak and started looking around and called us out


there to give a bid on that as one component but there were so many other things from Once once she met us and she was like you know what I trust you guys I want to replace all the flooring in my master bedroom and that was something she'd been waned to do to do for years and she was excited about it the the Cosmetic piece that we did on the front of the house with a Fresh coat of paint and fixing up a couple other things there it it really helped the way the home looked repainting the garage remember those 2x8s on either side of


the garage door uh those were beginning to get rotten replacing those as well and cleaning that up just freshens up the whole house and the way it looks as you pull into that driveway um she replaced four windows that had failed she couldn't even see out of them anymore right yeah those double pane windows are awesome as long as they hold together but that's either argon or vacuum inside of them and once that seal is perforated they will start turning Frosty on the inside hard to see through you get spots on the inside of the glass


replacing them is not a big deal it just has to be done well and then the other thing the the last part of the project was her updating several Hardware items that restore that sex appeal and that newness to her space uh right we she's one an older house and it had remember we talked last or previously may not have been last week about those old gold yeah exctly door knobs and stuff somebody got rich on those things about 30 years ago 40 years ago well she had those and those were beginning to flake and just not looking good and she made a


comment about it and I said we can fix those it's it's uh this how much it cost and she said well let's just go ahead and do it' and and uh I never want to upsell a client but I do want to make sure my clients are taken care of and we get the result they want and she wanted to feel better about the home inside and outside and she wanted to fix a water leak and we got all three of those those things done I'm sure she's very excited about the results very happy okay let's go to Webster on a


$22,000 proct for a gentleman by the name of palandro well this is one I probably underbid to be perfectly honest that sounds like a Mexican superhero no actually he's a I don't know where he's from uh but it Europe somewhere I don't I don't remember he told me sounds a little Hispanic there but that's all right real real nice folks him and his wife the front door just had an old style now you remember in the 80s those round columns were kind of the thing God all right well put in a ton of those things his front door had a


round column on either side of it and a couple more going down the front porch and uh he wanted to get rid of those round columns replace the front door make it look like it was you know designed in the last 50 years and uh that's what it started with we he once he started looking around the house those 2 by8 around the garage M we had those we we added to the bid that bid was interesting because there were seven different items on it to include painting the exterior adding enclosing another section of the yard so


his kid could play outside a little more safely that was about 60t of fence that we were going to add to it uh fixing a back door uh fixing some Tri on the outside seven different items on the bid he looked at the bid and said well you know what I have a budget how about if we do number one two 4 uh and seven and six we ended up doing five of the seven items that we bid and the way we bid I can just zero out those other ones and there's your new bid no problem well you know the interesting thing is that if you were using


subcontractors instead of your own staff guys you've got trim Carpenters framers you've got Tradesmen um Journeymen I mean you got all the disciplines on your on your staff AB you know and uh so the difference is is if you called me and told me that I'd have to take the bid back and sit down rework all the numbers because I fudged a lot of stuff and I don't remember where I put the fudge and and the every one of the trades is going to want to deposit to start well if I'm using all trades then


I have to get a number for everything that I'm bidding on from the trades and modifying what it is I'm bidding on for them is is a significant emotional event it makes it very difficult to change a bid once submitted so with my guys I just tell them hey number four don't do it we're not going to yeah but you're set up on a cost plus you know your your clients are paying material and labor and overhead and profit on work completed not 50% upfront to get started I'm set up to give my customers control


of their product of their project and make sure that that project goes the way it's supposed to that somebody is there every week every day and that they're not paying ahead they're they know what they're getting I'm set up focused on what the customers need you know exactly how many labor hours are included because they're your guys and that's how you detail it on the invoices you know exactly what materials and this cost $1.


95 and this cost 225 and there's this many of that it's all in a detailed invoice that you get weekly you you don't have $50,000 of their money sitting in your bank account deciding when you're going to do something and at what rate with a just gross numbers uh how much you going to charge me for the paint Mike well uh let me think uh it's looking a lot like seven maybe $8,000 uh I say well how did you come up with that figure well what I do is I say well let's see I've been doing this for 20 years I know I that's the answer I've


doing this for 20 years I don't do that I say a gallon cover about 250 square ft you got 1,000 ft that's 4 gallons 1,000 square ft I should be able to paint 100 I get into the Weeds on it and we don't want to get into that here but I I can show you the calculations on how we bid paint and it's time and material yeah but that's the reason that you you have you're actually doing construction projects for for forensics accountants because they have all the details and you don't have all their money I I I


don't know how I've attracted a couple of accountants in my recent jobs but there's been a couple that just want to see everything and I'm fine with that I keep it all here it's just a matter of sending a file no big deal well one thing is uh this is great this is a great time for the holidays to get this stuff going they've got a lot of capacity they're totally booked with big projects starting in January so they've got a lot of free time they love doing these smaller projects for people to


help them out and hopes that one day that uh they've provided some great value and on some nuisance items that need to be taken care of um and you know they're taking Pro this is a this is a full-size Remodeling Company that shouldn't be even looking at projects below 35,000 but that's not the way he structured this business because he wants to provide a legitimate service and an ongoing relationship with their customer whether you need to change some door knobs or whether you want to add a second store to your house


and that is an evolution in our business let me tell you um I have bid on both of those jobs adding a second store to the house and just replacing door knobs in the last 3 weeks old Glory Renovations it's the only company you're going to find structured like this probably in the state of Texas if not the entire country 28546 8836 28154 6 8836 give them a call today uh you find them online ogl Glory tx.


com Rob thanks for your time brother I'm glad to be here looking forward to hearing from you folks out there and Mike thanks for everything see you next week that's all for this week's Old Glory Renovations podcast tune in next week when Mike and Rob help you enjoy your Renovations find out more at

Email at, or call us at 281-546-8836

Old Glory Construction Management Episode 4 - Cover
Old Glory Construction Management Episode 4 - Cover


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