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Transforming Dreams into Custom Build Homes with Rob Hefner, CEO of Old Glory Construction Management, and Mike L.

Dive into "Old Glory Ep 11" where hosts Rob Hefner and Mike Landry share their wealth of experience in home renovations and custom construction. Learn how to choose the right contractor, enjoy the renovation process, and get the most value for your money. Discover the benefits of building custom homes "on your lot" with Old Glory Renovations' commitment to transparency, quality, and customer empowerment.

Summary of YouTube Episode:

- Old Glory Renovations, hosted by Rob Hefner and Mike Landry, focuses on home renovations and custom home construction, emphasizing the joy and fun in these processes. They aim to demystify choosing the right contractor and maximizing value for money in home projects.

- The podcast discusses building custom homes "on your lot", targeting projects in the 1,000 to 2,400 square feet range. Rob Hefner shares his extensive experience in construction, highlighting the challenges small-scale builders face and Old Glory's commitment to offering tailored design-build services.

- Hefner's background includes working with large production companies and running his own custom building business. His experience spans two decades, during which he has built hundreds of homes, demonstrating his capability in managing projects efficiently and effectively from start to finish.

- Old Glory Renovations' business model is centered on customer empowerment and transparency. They offer custom plans built to suit individual needs, in-house labor (excluding certain trades), and detailed cost breakdowns, ensuring clients are informed and in control throughout their project.

- The company stands out for its commitment to honesty, efficiency, and customer-focused service, promising on-budget and on-time project completion. This approach aims to revolutionize the industry by eliminating common fears and frustrations associated with home improvement and custom building projects.


Transforming Dreams into Custom Build Homes with Old Glory Construction Management and Rob Hefner - YouTube


(00:01) welcome to the Old Glory Renovations podcast the podcast about home renovations from the home renovations experts hosted by Rob Hefner and Mike Landry the Old Glory Renovations podcast wants to show you how to enjoy your home renovations Rob show taught me a lot choosing the right contractor for the job doesn't have to be scary and home renovations are built to enjoy and be fun I got so much more for my money now your host for the Old Glory renovation podcast Rob Hefner and Mike Landry good morning guys welcome to

(00:39) another episode of Old Glory Renovations today we're going to be talking about building custom homes for you a th000 square feet and up on your lot built to suit how you doing uh Rob what's happening this morning brother you know it's a beautiful day a little bit of cool weather here in end of February but a great day to be working well there's a hot little trm TR right now where you're starting to get plans in from people that have uh built on your lot projects from 1,000 square ft uh ranging up in

(01:08) the you know 22 to 2400 foot ranges and that is a problematic area for Builders you know I was a builder for 22 years I wouldn't touch those with a 10-ft pole um because there's just not a lot of money in those projects and there are a few scattered builders that do dabble in that space but they all want you to build off of their little PL their little 25 uh plans that they've got inhouse um and you know you're just not getting what you want for your money and what Old Glory is delivering is a buil to Su buil

(01:44) to suit with design build services so you're willing to also uh design and build that house for them I have uh one home we're working on right now where he came to me with a floor plan drawn on the back of a piece of art paper and said I want to build this house okay so we're waiting on plans to come back on that one right now and hopefully we'll get started here in a month or so okay first of all let's talk about your background and your experience you'd have to be qualified to be able to build

(02:17) new construction right if you've never done it before there's a whole lot of stuff you don't know I started out with one of the big uh production companies and have spent a total of 10 to 12 years with them I'd say the name everybody knows it and I built hundreds of houses for them over the years lenar and then uh uh and ironically enough those big production companies have excellent training programs they do have excellent training programs I was a trainer for them uh for about three years uh I own my own framing company

(02:54) for a while and then had the chance to be director of construction for a semi my custom builder that built uh homes in a 55 plus community and this is literally two decades of experience you for 20 years you were a custom builder building thousands of houses yes over over that period of time over that you went from the guy managing the the the projects on the ground all the way up to the top uh to where you were the guy running multiple subdivisions multiple subdivisions at one time with a bunch of different construction

(03:30) managers working for me uh where I was dealing with everything from takeoffs and all of that other stuff that goes on behind the scenes and getting a house built well one thing's for sure the production Builders have mastered is getting a house built in a short period of time and delivered and they are very impactful and very efficient at that you know the the the key to this is that one you do have the experience and and coming out your Yaya okay okay well the the experience and the organizational skills to make to put

(04:05) that experience to good use and and to keep a job running efficiently to keep it on budget and keep it going where it needs to be that's that's the niche that I fit into well and those houses ranged from 1,200 square ft to up to 5,000 square ft so it also um um demonstrates that you have a high uh capacity of knowledge of building the smaller homes efficiently and timely absolutely uh it's all about planning when a home starts I'm thinking about what I'm going to be doing in two months now the cool

(04:40) part about this is how does that translate into your current model well you created uh Old Glory because you wanted to empow the empower the customers and solve problems for the consumer in terms of how much am I spending where's my money going will you show me um you know are you going to are you going to leave my house sitting for months waiting to come back to finish it I mean all of these points have been addressed with your current business model and now you're taking on Custom Homes to provide that same value that they're gaining in

(05:18) the in the uh remodeling side of things now they get it in the small Custom home build on your lot program yes absolutely the the whole focus of Old Glory construction is empowering our customers they're it's their project they're the ones that need to be in control of it and being transparent with what we're doing remember I started the company a long time ago to keep people from getting shafted to be an advisor to help people from from being taken advantage of in the construction industry and this model for

(05:55) building these houses is designed to fit where there are very few competitors because nobody wants to do these homes and it's designed to give people options that they can't find elsewhere and it's designed to be completely transparent with where everybody's limited funds are going to to show people what they're going to make show people how much I make okay so here's the key these are the value points if you're going to build a small custom home on your lot okay or you're going to build any custom

(06:25) home on your lot you need to uh acknowledge these points and benefits to you the buyer we build custom plans to suit not pulling from one plan out of 25 I'm going to show you that we're willing to build okay so you're getting a custom plan built to your needs um or we will build off your custom plans that you've have drawn um our labor is inhouse excluding framing Roofing and Foundations all of the Interior labor is inhouse so you're not going to have your house sitting uh by itself for two

(07:02) months waiting on the tile guy or the painter to come because he's got more money on another job your house will see people working on it every single day because they all work for the company um the quality and the predictability is amazing because they are on staff that's part of the foundation of this company um you will see every bill for material and labor you will know exactly what the cost of everything going into your house is and how much overhead and profit has been made um without a doubt through the

(07:39) entire project we hit our budgets okay we are great at hitting our Bud budgets and sometimes we're even below them we finish on time this is a huge problem uh there there's you you hear all the horror stories they tell you it's going to take you six months and it takes nine months I've seen houses that are 6 months go 12 months okay you do not want to be a participant in that Nightmare and you're get now here's the bottom line there is absolutely no doubt that you are getting more for your

(08:15) money and maintaining control of the project giving you the opportunity as a buyer to see everything that's happening to to feel like you're in control of of the project overall to see what it's going to look like at the end and to manage your cost as we go along the whole thing is about communication it's about providing customers what they're looking for not what they're offered in the market yeah I mean what you don't understand about the concept of bidding okay and why this is so power this

(08:51) process is so powerful for the consumer so when I was a builder I'd take a foundation and many times it hadn't been engine engineered yet for the for the for the lot right and even if it was and I get some estimates from my from my trades and they come back and I pick the one that I'm going to roll with uh and let's say that Foundation was 30,000 bucks okay uh and then let's say the site prep the the dirt work was uh $10,000 so I'd look at that and I'd say well tell you what I think I'm going to

(09:23) bury about five or six grand in here for hiccups or mistakes now if I pulled that in under those budgets do you think I'm going to tell you that I saved myself an extra eight grand hell no I'm not not my job right and so you look at framing you look at uh you look at framing you look at all the areas that that make up about 60% of the overall cost of the things that are not aesthetic and you can imagine how much margin of of blanket that I've got built in for myself to make sure I don't lose

(10:02) my profit okay but that money is never coming back which is why it's important that you see where the money's being spent on labor and materials not you know painting was $112,000 no this is how many cans of paint we used this is how much labor we used and you have a detail of exactly what that is and providing that detail I think is the one of the greatest value added things that we have here at Old Glory uh like I say it is customer focused and yes it's more work on my end but that's all right we if we can if

(10:40) we can fill this Niche uh providing the kind of homes that people want to build right now and giving them the options to be in control of that build and not be directed on what they have to do but to be able to do what they dream about and do it profitably and we're doing that u i I think there there's a great deal of opportunity both for me as a builder and for the homeowners that are thinking about having a home built well and and again this process is not making a $2 stud $1 okay no it's acknowledging the that there's 2,000

(11:18) studs for this house and they cost X and nothing's going to change that that that is a cost it's going into your house and you pay the cost but what what it's eliminating is the over budgeting to cover to protect profit that you'll never see and and that takes away from your finishes your finish selections and everything else and you don't want that you want the best finishes that you can get for the money that you intend on spending so it takes all the fudge and the ambiguity out of the process and

(11:52) puts you in control of your dollars and it helps this Builder protect his profit which is fair it it's about being fair it's about being honest it's about again providing the customer what they're looking for in a way that makes sense for all of us I I think it's a really good program we have to build homes in this uh price range in this size range and of course the cost of the house I'm not going to talk about because it all depends on the finishes so so much varies based on well what

(12:24) kind of flooring and that kind of stuff framing the pitch of the roof the details on the outside all of that is is is going to drive the price but again that's why you need a builder guiding you through the plans development to tell you what that design is telling him financially that's why I always did design build I didn't want you bringing me in set a plan you couldn't afford to build so uh Old Glory Renovations is offering design build services so we will help you through that process um do

(12:53) budget analysis while the plans are going under are are uh under development and so there is a predict predictable end to the story and you're in control so give Rob Hefner a call today at 28154 68836 28154 68836 you can find them online at ol Glory uh and this is a company now if you're building in Galviston this is really important you have to be a bonded Builder to build in Galviston and Oh Glory is so just keep that in mind they offer financing they're top with the BBB an incredible company I'm

(13:33) telling you if you if you're going to do this you need to give these guys an opportunity to meet with you have a great day Old Glory Renovations revolutionize the industry to put the customer in total control there's little to no deposit to Begin work weekly invoicing only on completed work weekly itemized labor and material cost for invoicing eliminating wasting your money with overpriced TurnKey estimates their trade labor are on staff and not subcontractors they don't leave projects sitting dormant for days or weeks or

(14:09) waiting on a subcontractor they have proper general liability insurance coverage call Old Glory Renovations now and take control while maximizing your buying power Old Glory trust honesty confidence taking the fear out of Home Improvement 28154 6883 36 or online at Old Glory that's all for this week's Old Glory Renovations podcast tune in next week when Mike and Rob help you enjoy your Renovations find out more at

Transforming Dreams Into Custom Build Homes

Visit or Call Rob Hefner at (281) 546-8836 with your construction or remodeling needs.


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