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Transform Your Home for the Holidays: Quick Renovation Facelifts in Just 1-6 Days! Old Glory Renovations Podcast with Rob & Mike Episode 3

Updated: Feb 27

Welcome to our latest video where we dive into the world of quick and effective home renovation projects, perfect for the holiday season! Discover how to give your home a stunning facelift in just 1 to 6 days. Get ready for practical tips and creative ideas that will rejuvenate your space, just in time for festive celebrations.

Old Glory Construction Management Renovations Podcast with Rob and Mike

Summary of "Old Glory Ep 3"

  1. Focus on Home Facelifts for the Holidays: The episode emphasizes quick home renovation projects, termed "facelifts," ideal for preparing homes for the holiday season. These renovations are designed to make a house look refreshed and involve tasks that can be completed in a short period, ranging from one to six days.

  2. Range of Renovation Services Discussed: The hosts, Rob Hefner and Mike Landry, discuss various services offered by their team, including painting, plumbing fixture updates, light fixture replacement, door hardware updates, and regrouting tiles in bathrooms. These improvements aim to enhance the overall look and feel of the home.

  3. Trend Analysis in Home Decor: The podcast covers current trends in home decoration, highlighting the popularity of soft grays, monochromatic themes, and muted greens. It also discusses changing preferences in trim material colors and door hardware styles, moving towards more modern and minimalistic designs.

  4. Impact of Minor Changes on Home Aesthetics: The episode illustrates how seemingly minor updates like changing door knobs, repainting walls, and updating cabinet hardware can significantly alter a home's ambiance, making it feel more comfortable and inviting.

  5. Business Model and Customer-Centric Approach: Old Glory Renovations operates with a unique business model that focuses on customer satisfaction. They employ a team of skilled workers, offer transparent pricing, and handle projects that traditional remodelers might not undertake, especially during the holiday season when quick, non-intrusive work is preferred.

Watch the full episode:

Here is a transcript of Episode 3: Old Glory Ep 3 - YouTube


(00:01) welcome to the Old Glory Renovations podcast the podcast about home renovations from the home renovations experts hosted by Rob Hefner and Mike Landry the Old Glory Renovations podcast wants to show you how to enjoy your home renovations Rob show taught me a lot choosing the right contractor for the job doesn't have to be scary and home renovations are built to enjoy and be fun I got so much more for my money now are your host for the Old Glory renovation podcast Rob Hefner and Mike Landry good morning guys welcome to Old

(00:39) Glory Renovations podcast show this is show number three we're going to be talking about facelifts today this is preparing for the holidays and giving your home a facelift before company arrives I'm your host Mike Landry I'm talking with Rob Hefner good morning the the king of Contracting uh we got some really cool stuff now now most remodelers will not provide these types of service and basically what you're offering is since you actually employ 15 guys and they're on staff your Painters your I mean they

(01:11) do everything right trim and the whole deal this is not to get into for the month of December and the rest of this month not digging in to Big demo Renovations we're talking just facelift type stuff we're talking things that you can do to make your house look almost new or at least newish things that just change the the attitude and the feel of the home when you walk into it that can be done very quickly it actually can depending on what you want done and the splash you want to make it could be a pretty quick project yeah we're we're

(01:44) talking projects that take one day up to six days exactly okay so we're talking new paint new Plumbing fixtures light fixtures door knobs Hardware updates and replacement and re uh regrouting TI PES tub surrounds showers things like that well let's go that through through that list backwards when you look into your shower and you see around the bottom it's kind of dingy and dirty looking and you're not real sure if that grout's been touched in the last few years we can come and scrape out all that grout

(02:16) get it cleaned up properly put in clean white grout and make the shower look a lot brighter just by tightening up those edges all right so let's get into um discussing what some of the Trends are right color trends tile Trends um you know that these updates uh the color palette in the last couple of decades has changed dramatically it absolutely has you used to didn't see a whole lot of gray uh there were beigy kind of Earth Tones are kind of the standard in new construction and have been for years but there's some interesting things

(02:55) coming out these days and and the idea is to make the home more com comfortable more livable and not quite so generic the according to the research I'm doing uh what's really hot right now is soft Grays uh some monochromatic looks right where you've got just minor tonal changes um from the trim to the walls and uh even muted greens which I found to be pretty interesting muted greens work really really well one of the things you mentioned from the trim to the walls it's it's come getting to be

(03:30) more and more popular these days trim material your baseboard the doors the trim around the doors has always been a gloss white enamel paint gloss white that's what everybody does but changing that color with the same finish so that everything's protected properly but changing that color can completely change the feel of a room so you're talking about more contrast as opposed to uh similar colors correct correct if you take a light gray room for example and you put white baseboard in it then everything looks somewhat

(04:07) monochromatic but uh we were in a house recently that the baseboard was painted black on that light gray surface well that black just just framed it and made it really pop for what it was and it changed the whole feel of the room I was really surprised at how much that little touch made a difference so the trends now in the hardware like door hardware um you're finding uh the knobs are going away now we're into more linear you know lever type uh Doors door knob door hardware and uh and some people are actually changing the color

(04:43) so maybe they're going with a brush nickel versus a chrome that they had before it's it Chrome's dated right um so uh I see a lot of that trending right now and if you change the door hardware throughout the house on all the doors right and and you went in and changed the pools in the kitchen and in the bass it literally it's like a different house we were in a house not too long ago here in Clear Lake that we did exactly that they had the old gold color on everything fixtures Plumbing fixtures

(05:18) light fixtures door knobs even the poles on the cabinets were little round gold knobs that the gold was flaking off on them it just didn't look right so just changing those things to brush nickel and installing door knobs that actually looked somewhat modern with the lever style and there's a lot of different lever Styles it it brightened up the house a lot and made it look something newish a designer told me last week she goes I was trying to get her to kind of give me an idea of what's really changed and trending now and and she

(05:53) said people are are really migrate have migrated to more of a minimalistic um as far as opposed to an ornate type presentation with their hardware and it's simplified the selections because everybody's doing pretty much the same thing but that that's a that's a huge shift it really is and the way it looks is a huge shift I the term that you use there uh minimalistic there's a lot of misunderstanding about that making a home comfortable to live in is what we're trying to get to livability is a a

(06:27) great term that's used a lot not making it sterile white walls white trim light colored floor uh we don't want to live in a operating room but we want the walls to have something on them that looks a little bit more livable and those muted greens the light Grays a lot of different color patterns come out that can really contribute to the livability of the house and and and by that I mean just how comfortable you are sitting down in the middle of the room well I'll tell you that if you if you if you have your guys come in and and and

(07:02) repaint everything it is amazing what that does to a living environment I mean it smells new it's fresh the colors are are are vibrant you don't have the scratches on the wall anymore the scratches on the door can be uh sanded out and and they look new again it it's just a it it really is Like A Renewed experience we finished as not too long ago in Clear Lake again where we painted the living area the hallways and some of the bathrooms and just putting in taking away the dark color that they had on

(07:44) there and putting on a light light gray it was just barely gray at all and changing out some light fixtures putting drawer PS on they didn't have drawer PS on the cabinets at all but putting those and having those match the doorknob style and the they kind of matched at least in color and general Style with the light fixtures we put in it completely changed that house before that it was almost a cave it was it just felt dark and closed in but getting the fresh paint on the walls and and getting it spruced up a little bit made all the

(08:18) difference in the world well and and this is the this is the the most important aspect of what we're talking about um traditional remodeling companies would not touch us with a 10-ft pul you'd have to find it uh an expensive handyman to touch projects like this because it's it's not $20,000 or 30 or 50 right the these are like one man one day jobs two day two guys five day jobs uh that are quick and efficient and if you didn't have your guys on staff uh you know on payroll then you would not be able to do that either you

(08:54) can't subcontract those little jobs I mean you're talking things that are $1,000 prob projects to you know5 6 $7,000 project they're just not big projects but you do this for the people that need these kinds of services during the holidays to help them get the stuff keep you guys busy and get the stuff um that they really need at the time they need it absolutely but we want to take care of our homeowners and I'm not going to tell you there's not a selfish component to it these guys work for me and over

(09:26) the holidays sometimes it's hard to keep them busy nobody wants their house torn up on Christmas day that's just not cool but being able to get in there on that last minute oh my goodness mother-in-law's coming I can't have the house looking like this kind of thing we can come in there and tend to that and it helps me out because I can keep my guys busy and and they're doing something constructive and it helps out my homeowners just by transforming their house and getting it ready for Christmas

(09:53) all right so I'm talking with Rob Hefner I'm Mike Landry this is Old Glory renov renovations podcast you can call them today at 28154 68836 281 54688 36 or you can just go online to ol Glory stay tuned guys we'll be right back we'll be right back with more of the Old Glory Renovations podcast Old Glory Renovations revolutionize the industry to put the customer in total control there's little to no deposit to Begin work weekly inv voicing only on completed work weekly itemized labor and material cost for

(10:34) invoicing eliminating wasting your money with overpriced TurnKey estimates their trade labor are on staff and not subcontractors they don't leave projects sitting dormant for days or weeks or waiting on a subcontractor they have proper general liability insurance coverage call Old Glory Renovations now and take control while maximizing your buying power old GL Glory trust honesty confidence taking the fear out of Home Improvement 28154 68836 or online at Old Glory tx.

(11:12) com the Old Glory Renovations podcast helping you enjoy your Renovations now let's get back to Rob and Mike thanks for hanging with us guys it's Old Glory Renovations podcast I'm Mike Landry I'm talking to Rob Hefner uh we're talking about facelifts today and now what we're going to do is we're going to talk about some of the projects that you've got going on uh let's go to Galveston Miss Lucy um this was a project where they're they're basically replacing the door and

(11:43) Cabinet Hardware regrouting the tub surrounds in the shower tell me about that Rob well this was this is an interesting little job it the house is is dated it was built in the 50s and some of the things haven't been touched since then like a lot of houses but we're going in there and cleaning up the showers and getting all that that dinginess out of the showers and putting the seiling on them so everything's going to stay the way it needs to be uh replacing the drawer poles uh that were this is the one had the old gold round

(12:14) ones yeah you know I forget how popular gold was back that color gold was back then right it uh it was abused it was so bad well and it never lasted in 10 years those knobs start flaking you know there's pieces coming off of them and they just don't look new anymore and swapping out those door knobs getting that matching uh drawer PS in place it not a big job it was four to five days but again it it completely changed the feel of the house and made it look like it was it it was somewhere you wanted to be

(12:53) now that this was the project he just replaced the uh door and cabinet hardware and regrouted tubs surround in shower so uh that was a a two-day deal for one guy yes yes yes I miss that was in galvaston okay so just simple in and out and man she was just elated at how much different the home felt now she's got some more stuff scheduled for you for you guys that that that's where I got confused we're going to be in back in that house in January she's happy with the job we did here so now we're

(13:26) talking about what we're going to do for later after the new year and and what's animportant about that is that project was in the hundreds not the thousands absolutely so uh moving to Clear Lake there's this is a Six-Day project with two guys um where you guys were repainting the main living areas in the master bed and bath updating all the hardware repainting the cabinets and a couple of new light fixtures the light fixtures in that home were the old ceiling mount almost flushed to the ceiling and gold trim around them it a

(14:00) lot of people are getting rid of gold these days uh and and they just they didn't put out a lot of light mhm and swapping out those old-fashioned light fixtures for Led fixtures not LED light bulbs but led fixtures provides so much more light and brightness to a room uh it can really change just the light fixtures alone can brighten up a place so much it's it's just hardly recognizable and of course when you change the fixtures on the the door knobs and that kind of stuff it it can really it can really have a big impact

(14:33) for not an insane amount of money well I'll tell you one thing it uh when you're repainting cabinets like in the kitchen or in the master bath or the secondary baths um it it changes the entire environment it is it's it's like having new cabinets it is U painting cabinets is a tedious job most of the most of the time if you're going to do it right most of the time is spent getting them ready to paint correct that's right uh preparing the surface cuz if you don't prepare the surface right for paint it it's not

(15:07) going to work it's a tedious job it takes a little longer I'm always frustrated with how long tabin cabinets take but I'm always pushing my guys why aren't we done yet if you did it today why didn't you finish it yesterday I want to push them just enough that they're busy all the time but not so much that quality is ever going to Suffer Well I'm going to tell you this after 20 two years in the building industry and in remodeling the two guys that will absolutely make you or break

(15:36) you are the painter and the trim guy and you've got two of the best your your paint crew is awesome and your trim guy is unbelievable I tell you what Jeremy went into a house this past week that had a couple holes in the wall uh from some other stuff that had been done there uh with four or five holes in the wall and he patched them floated them painted them got everything done I went and looked at it I couldn't find where the patches were okay now that is the hardest thing on the planet to do is blend a wall and where it doesn't show

(16:12) that patch I mean that that that those guys right there because I was having to subcontract my guys yeah and every time my guy was not available and I had to bring in another crew I I I I had to have him come and fix it because it wasn't to the standard of quality that I use a flashlight you know I want to and they don't like seeing that flashlight on the wall so because it shows all the imperfections so uh the fact that your guys are on staff that never happens with Jeremy I don't have to worry about

(16:44) sheet run he he does an amazing job with it he's a he's a really good painter as well and I mean most painter most paint Crews that you subcontract suck at that I mean really it's hard to find one that that really takes that has the ability and the intent to do it right it it takes patience it takes patience and skill uh the the technical components of it we could talk about for hours but it's not just throw a little texture on the wall and hope it turns out right they they really have to know what

(17:17) they're doing all right let's talk about Kenneth and seab Brook this is a uh this's is this is two days one guy we're talking uh two windows needed to be reglazed a little bit of paint for sheetrock patches I've noticed a lot of people have patches and that they never got painted and there's actually three of them in my house right now um and here's here's very very common thing for for 20 plus year old homes um he had several doors that were sticking that won't close and you you guys fixed all

(17:49) of that stuff right the the the doors was just Minor Adjustments it's not that the foundation was bad or anything it's just Minor Adjustments needed to be made to the doors struct move the structures move the uh the sheetrock grandson came in and took out a door stop and the door knob hit the wall and made a dent in the wall you know what happens yeah and that's the kind of sheetrock repairs we were doing in his house and in his home it's just a a lot of little things like that uh replacing the glass in the

(18:20) windows and and fixing those little sheet rock repairs and the doors and just little things like that to get his home where he wants it mean this is this is handyman type work this is handyman type work and handyman type work is difficult uh for for a lot of different reasons U but I'm happy to dig into that when when we can well and for the holidays during each holiday you provide these services and these projects are not in the tens of thousands of dollars these are hundreds or a few thousand I mean this

(18:56) is these are really really small projects you cannot get any remind aler to touch this with a 10-ft pole and when I had my company I wouldn't have touched it either because there's no there's no meat on the bone if you don't employ the guys if they're not on your staff and you're keeping them busy right there's no meat on the bone even so but I got to keep them busy so we're trying to do what we can to to keep things moving moving forward and uh pretty happy with the way it's going right now let's go to

(19:25) friendwood now this is a commercial project you do commercial project projects too this was a 8-day project that you actually finished in five you removed three walls interior walls uh repaired the drop ceiling repainted the walls in the ceiling and sealed the floor this was basically a white out in commercial lingo for a strip center kind of thing they were going into it with a gy and they just needed all the interior walls removed they wanted the the walls freshened up they wanted a different color on the ceiling a drop ceiling and

(20:01) we got the right people in there Jeremy again LED that team and they just knocked it out I was thrilled with the progress they made and how quickly they got it done you you estimated eight days I estimated in your forecast and you guys knocked it out in five we knocked it out in five there were some long days in there but we knocked it out in five I was I was really happy with how that job went and the way it looked at the end it was it was right well you're you're you're also saving that customer money

(20:27) because you're building on an hourly basis for your labor right and saving 3 days worth of Labor is a huge deal to him um you're doing your it's time and materials right it's not hey uh let me throw a dart at the board I think my labor cost is going to be about three grand here and uh materials are some ambiguous number you you building weekly on work progress okay so whatever got installed whatever got bought you have a detailed itemized list of all that and exactly how many man hours it took to

(21:04) accomplish that regardless of what you forecasted like you felt this project for whatever reason was going to take eight days but you guys executed and finished in five that saved that guy a lot of money and he's super happy I'm going to be actually interviewing him uh soon absolutely we we had tile on the floor and we were expecting trouble bringing up the tile and getting the glue underneath it removed and uh we got something that just worked really really well for that and the project the

(21:37) project just rolled right along uh like I say really happy with Jer Jeremy's performance on that one all right so we're going to wrap it up today but let me tell you guys something if you want to leverage your dollars to get the maximum amount of value for the dollars you're investing at the highest level of of quality and be in complete control then Old Glory Renovations is the solution for you 281 546 8836 28154 68836 you can find them online at Old Glory tx.

(22:21) com and what are our three Creeds trust honesty and confidence trust confidence and Trust confidence and honesty those are those are absolute facts and ways of life for this organization Rob Hefner is a 32-year army veteran retired and he does not take any [ __ ] no I try not to but looking forward to hearing from you give me a call we'll see what we can do to help you out see you next week boys that's all for this week's Old Glory Renovations podcast tune in next week when Mike and Rob help you enjoy your Renovations find out more at

Transform Your Home for the Holidays: Quick Renovation Facelifts in Just 1-6 Days with Old Glory Construction Management


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